Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™

Discover the underlying root causes and blocking factors
preventing you from achieving your health goals.
• Do you want to be healthy & feel great again?
• Do you prefer drug-free, natural solutions to health?
• Do you want to find the root cause & stop chasing symptoms?

FDN has been shown to help people with most chronic health problems such as:

• Fatigue   • Weight loss / gain   • Headaches   • Fogginess
• Indigestion,   • Acid reflux   • Gas   • Bloating   • Inflammation   • Pain
• Allergies   • Acne   • Rosacea   • Blood sugar problems
• Depression   • Anxiety   • Insomnia and wakefulness
• PMS   • Skin and Hair problems   • Low sex drive   • ADHD

Test … Don’t Guess
Stop chasing symptoms and identify underlying malfunctions. We use sophisticated and advanced laboratory testing to identify hidden stressors on the body that are often long-term, sub-clinical and remain undetected by your conventional doctor’s tests.  He or she may even tell you that “everything looks normal” on your standard blood panels.

Long Distance Consultations:
Since tests kits can be mailed to you where ever you live, consultations can be conveniently completed over the telephone without ever leaving your home. 

Functional Nutrition:
Most conventional/western practitioners focus on the symptoms and try to reduce these with drugs.  Likewise, the typical nutritionist usually offers the same type of advice, substituting more natural products like herbs, vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients instead of drugs. However, this approach still fails to address the underlying cause or condition.  Therein lies the main difference between allopathic medicine(and allopathic nutrition) and what is called functional medicine. What Reed Davis calls Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™ (FDN) is a system that enables you to find the underlying root causes of your ill-health and then helps you back to optimal health with the appropriate guidance and support. FDN uses lab testing to identify malfunctions at the subclinical level. FDN helps to restore function with drugless protocols that support the body’s innate healing ability. Tests can reveal possible blockers to optimum health such as hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, digestive problems, detoxification capacity, food sensitivities and other hidden stressors. Blood, saliva, urine and stool testing help determine what systems or mechanisms are mal-functioning in your body.   Through diet and lifestyle modification, plus dietary supplementation where required, clients are able to restore their health and vitality once again.

Alternative Health Practitioner Note:

It is not in the scope of any alternative health practitioner to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease. Information provided is not intended to, cannot, and should not be expected to substitute for a personal consultation with the client’s own physician.