What can I expect?

During your 60 minute evaluation, we will explore and discuss your current eating and exercise habits, medical history, and personal goals.

Our next step will be to formulate an initial eating plan that fits with your lifestyle, whether you like to cook gourmet meals or to eat out. Each follow up appointment will be 30 minutes long, where we will review your food and exercise logs, evaluate how you are implementing your eating plan, discuss any concerns that you may have, and, if necessary, make modifications to your plan and goals. We’ll have as many follow up visits as necessary until you are satisfied that all of your goals are met. My job is to help you achieve your goals.

What is your philosophy?

My role is not to tell you exactly what to eat at each and every meal, but rather to guide you toward making healthier food choices and selecting sensible portions for yourself. I will work with you to formulate realistic goals, such as losing weight, building muscle, lowering your cholesterol, or just improving your overall health.

I do not believe in:
– Providing quick weight loss diets.
– Selling or endorsing weight  loss supplements.
– Judging, berating, belittling or reprimanding you if you don’t meet your goals.
Changing your eating habits and incorporating exercise into your daily life are not necessarily easy tasks. However, they are worth the time and effort to make you a healthier and happier person. Aren’t you worth it?